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Learn German with real Teachers!

  • Starting at EUR 19,-per lesson (à 45 minutes)
  • Learn German at home
  • Individual study plan
  • Every lesson at the right German level
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Safe and easy payment with Paypal

Single Lesson Package
per lesson
á 45 minutes1 lesson á 45 minutes
Lessons Package

per lesson
á 45 minutes 1 lesson á 45 minutes
Lessons Package

per lesson
á 45 minutes 1 lesson á 45 minutes
Native Teacher Package
per lesson
á 45 minutes 1 lesson á 45 minutes
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Individual study planImagine the benefits from your own personal study plan which fits your individual level of German and the speed you like to study at!
24h reschedule You can reschedule your appointment 24 hours before the actual appointment without losing any German online units!
Money back guaranteeIn case you're not satisfied with our service you will receive your money back for your unused credits! (minus bank charges)
Professional German teacher German teachers in our language school are distinguished for their enthusiasm and patience. You are taught directly in the target German language, and that from the very beginning.
Lessons includedOne lesson equals 45 minutes of tutoring with your online German teacher. The amount of lessons you book with this package, there are 3 options: 1 lesson, 5 lessons and 10 lessons. The teachers and quality remains the same! 1 5 10 1
DiscountYou can either book a single lesson for EUR 22,- or get up to 20% off by booking 10 lessons in advance which means you only pay EUR 19,- per lesson! 10% off 14% off
Costs 22,-

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you safe €10,-
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you safe €30,-
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