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Frequently Asked Questions about ILS

  How long is one lesson?
  What do I need to take a lesson?
  How many MegaByte does Skype use per lesson?
  What are the teacher's qualifications?
  How flexibile are the appointments?
  What is the Internet Language School?
  How does the Money back guarantee work?

  How long is one lesson?
One lesson with your online German teacher takes 45 minutes.

  What do I need to take a lesson?
Taking a lesson with your private teacher is simple. In order to connect with your teacher you need an installation of Skype (VoIP Software), a webcam and a microphone. We recommend a headset which usually costs around 10€. If your notebook has a microphone installed it will do just fine. Also you will need a stable WiFi internet connection or a good 3G data plan.

  How many MegaByte does Skype use per lesson?
This is hard to say and depends on the quality of your video connection. Some estimations showed a usage of 100-150 MegaByte per lesson.

  What are the teacher's qualifications?
We select our teachers according to the following criteria: personality, experience, training, native speaker competence. Your feedback shows us where action has to be taken.
Your German lessons will be held according to a system that has proven itself time and time again. The DeutschAkademie is specialized in holding German language courses: Over 8,000 participants attend our courses every year. Our German teachers and our teaching materials promote interactivity, variety and effective learning, which is fun, too!

  How flexibile are the appointments?
You are especially flexible with private German lessons and can easily fit in your teaching units in your personal schedule.

You can postpone or cancel German lessons 24 hours in advance and thus do not lose any valuable units. You have no distance to travel and no waiting times, but the lesson starts immediately.

 What is the Internet Language School?
The ILS belongs to the DeutschAkademie which has over 15 years’ experience in teaching German. More than 1000 participants attend courses at the DeutschAkademie in Germany and Austria every month.

Permanent feedback and continuous quality controls guarantee you an effective course, which is fun to boot.

  How does the Money back guarantee work?
We are so convinced of our programme that you can cancel your private course or conversation course any time and get your money back for German lessons not taken.
Just let us know if you want to return your remaining credits and we will transfer the money to your Paypal account immidiatly (minus Paypal transaction fees).

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100% money-back satisfaction guarantee*

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     I love German  
"My German Course was great, I had a fantastic teacher who helped me improve my pronunciation a lot."



Teresa, from Italy, writes:

"I chose an online course because I wanted to learn german but could not go abroad for a while.

I wanted to study with mothertongue teachers and be sure to build strong grammatical basis and a modern vocabulary.
Deutsch Akademie online course revealed to be the perfect solution for my needs:
it gave me the possibility to study followed by a mothertongue and extremely helpful teacher without moving from home. The lessons were clear, flexible, exhaustive, stimulating and never boring.

All the lessons were created according to my knowledge and needs.

I am so satisfied with them that I decided to keep on studing online with the school as I hope to progress fast to follow Deutsch Akademie courses directly in Wien or Berlin."

*If you are not satisfied with the Internet-Language-School after the first lesson, you can have your money back.